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Louisville Binding Services


Do you have marketing materials in need of binding? Reports that you need to organize? Our Louisville binding services can help you!

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On Display Signs, Inc. can help you make your documents more secure and professional-looking with our high-quality binding techniques. Our binding experts have extensive experience in the field and can perform all kinds of binding methods. Whether you have marketing materials or vital business documents, you’ll never have to worry about them being out of place if you work with us.

Our team can bind all your printed materials in the most appealing and durable way possible. Based on the number of printed pages, type of material, and budget for the project, we will determine the best binding technique. Rest assured, we can deliver a satisfactory result as soon as possible.

Impress your recipients and secure your documents with our premium binding services today!

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Vast Options of Binding Styles

On Display Signs, Inc. takes pride in our capacity to provide everything you need in a printing company. Our Louisville binding services, like the rest of our offerings, are as comprehensive as they can get. We can expertly render any binding style needed for your specific printed material.

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Whether you want your document to stay flat once opened or you want it to be opened upwards, we can cater to all your preferences for the design and functionality of your printables.

The materials we use for binding are also of the highest quality. We guarantee that after we finish the binding, your documents will have a professional look that will hold for a long time.

Included in your binding style choices are the following:


Saddle-stitched binding allows your document to stay flat once opened, making it convenient for your users to read it. This binding method is utilized for documents with less than 100 sheets. An industry staple will be used to bind the pages together on either side, depending on how you want it to open.

Saddle-stitching is a common way for start-up and medium-sized businesses to compile their printed materials. This is because, aside from being durable, this binding style is budget-friendly. It is mostly used on catalogs, booklets, periodicals, and other small compilations.

Spiral Bound and Wire-O Bound

For flat-laying books and other printed materials, spiral binding and wire-o binding are two styles you might want to look into. Although they are practically the same, they distinctly differ in the material used in the binding process.

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A plastic coil is used to loop through a single row of punched holes in spiral binding. You can do this on whichever side you choose, aesthetics and functionality considered. The plastic coil is available in a variety of colors to better complement your brand elements.

On the other hand, wire coils are used in wire-o binding—hence the name. The binding process is the same as well as the myriad of color options for the coil. However, the durability achieved in wire-o binding is significantly better than that of spiral binding.

Perfect Binding

If you want to achieve the best durability and appearance at the most reasonable price, perfect binding is the style for you. You can utilize it to bind any number of pages without worrying about how it will look or how long it will last. However, if an entire compilation is less than 4mm thick, the saddle-stitch binding will be the better choice.

Perfect binding is done by gluing all the pages together before wrapping it with a cover that’s attached to the spine. The resulting material will have a flat spine that you can use to print minimum text like your business name or other important details.

Stapled Books

If you only have a few pages to bind, you can do it in the form of stapled books. This binding style is mostly used for short reports, newsletters, informational booklets, and other materials that only consist of several pages. It is a durable and flexible way of binding that doesn’t cost too much as well.

If you can’t seem to find a binding method that fits your need, remember that this list is only a portion of what we offer. Our binding experts will be glad to talk to you and share all the other options you have. We will consider the number of your pages, design preference, desired functionality, target audience, and budget in order to provide the best recommendations.

Full-Service Printing Company

If you need more than premium Louisville, KY binding services, On Display Signs, Inc. is ready to provide you with all other printing products and services. Whether you need them for commercial or personal purposes, our printables and services are guaranteed to meet all your needs and help you successfully reach your goals.

We print everything from large-format banners to small and handy business cards. We can also print, copy, and mail all sorts of documents and marketing materials that will improve your business performance.

Aside from guaranteeing the durability and effectiveness of all our products, we also take pride in how reasonable our prices are!

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If you’re interested, here are some of our products and services we offer that might benefit you:

1. Graphic design

2. Black and white or colored printing

3. Digital Printing

4. Business cards

5. Envelopes and letterheads

6. Mailing services

7. Product brochures

8. Forms

9. Flyers

10. Postcards

11. Banners

12. Calendars

13. Promotional items

Regardless of how many materials you need or how early you want them to be done, trust On Display Signs, Inc. to complete the job to your utmost satisfaction. Talk to our printing experts and discuss everything you need with us!

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Louisville Binding Services LouisvilleSign Logo Main resultFrom marketing materials to important documents, you can give them a more professional and appealing look with our high-quality binding services.

Our team will make sure that your pages will be bound in an efficient and long-lasting manner.

Call On Display Signs, Inc. at 502-235-4063 for your Free Consultation with a Louisville Binding Services expert!