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Louisville Monument Signs


If you’re looking to drastically improve the first impression of your building or perhaps establish your institution better, monument signs are the way to go.

custom foam monument signTypically installed at the front area of a school, a church, a corporate building, or any institution, monument signs are a free-standing sign normally made of stone, concrete, brick, marble, or metal that displays an establishment’s name. Sometimes, these signs also include the logo, the tagline, and other important information. They are built to complement building signs and create a more established entrance for the building.

With On Display Signs, Inc., we can create the best-looking monument sign for your business in Louisville, KY.

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An Impressive Entrance

custom monument sign

Any type of business can be installed with a monument sign as a great upgrade. They are made to catch attention and stay in the memories of visitors and members of the institution. It typically provides a landmark of the building, even for passersby.

If you’ve observed, you can easily spot a building you’re looking for if there is a monument sign in front of it. The traditional height of monument signs is at eye-level. They are also made to stand on itself without any pillar or post necessary to hold it up.

Since monument pillars are made of the densest construction material known to man, they are surely one of the best long-term investments in the signage industry with the lifespan that they have.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Tenant Monument Sign

Although monument signs are commonly plastered with one institution’s name, some variations include names and information of multiple buildings, which we can easily create for our Louisville clients.

Places like shopping centers, business parks, and other multi-building facilities use the multi-tenant type of monument signs. They can serve as an impressive greeting for a multi-industry area and provide information on various businesses and places all in one solid sign.

If you want a great eye-catching and high-quality sign, then a monument sign is the best option for your company.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Custom Monument Sign

Whatever needs or preferences you have for your monument signs, we can surely accomplish it for you. Our years of serving the people of Louisville allowed us to take care of the different demands of various customers with different needs and budgets.

The variety of our resources is not a problem. Whatever material, size, or style you want for your monument sign, we can do it for you.

Are you looking for a large, attention-grabbing monument sign, or a small and clear one? Our knowledge, tools, and manpower can guarantee the highest quality of services and products for your business.

Just tell us what customization you want, and we’ll do it together professionally and flawlessly.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Louisville Monument Signs LouisvilleSign Logo Main resultOn Display Signs, Inc. is all you need in Louisville to get that industry-standard monument sign that you’ve wanted to install in your business space.

For all things signs and graphics, contact us. We are your full-service provider of signage products offered at the highest of standards in service quality. We can’t wait to work with you.

Call On Display Signs, Inc. today at 502-235-4063 for a Free Consultation with a Monument Sign Specialist!