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Louisville Large Format Printing

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Also known as wide-format or grand-format printing, large format printing is the service of printing significantly large-scale graphics typically used for promotional purposes to have a wider and stronger advertising reach.

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On Display Signs, Inc. is a one-stop shop for all your printing needs. We have industry-grade facilities and equipment built for high-quality performance of any size range of prints. From 18” posters to 100” tarpaulins and beyond, we are here to provide highly vivid visuals for your business’s progress. We are fully capable of printing black-and-white or full-color prints on any material, including paper, canvas, cloth, wood, metal, glass, corrugated plastic, or foam board.

You can expect that what we make for your business will match your goals, whether it’s to outshine your competition or to have a wider advertising reach. On Display Signs, Inc. is your Louisville, KY large format printing service provider, and we’re here to help you achieve success as a business through high-quality prints.

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Wide Format Banners

Wide-format banners are popularly used by businesses to promote events and products. As your Louisville large format printing company, we can create these promotional items for you at any size, design, color scheme, and quality.

We have many materials available for wide-format banners like canvas and polyester fabric, although we highly recommend vinyl for products of this scale. Vinyl is popular for large-sized prints because of its durability and ease of use. You can have comfort using vinyl banners outdoors for long amounts of time, especially because our company can use special UV-cured ink that can resist damage from sunlight and weather.

We also offer the option of attaching your banner to a solid background. This allows greater durability and stronger support behind the main graphics. You can use your banners for long-term outdoor uses or as strong point-of-purchase displays inside your building.

Large Format Graphics

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If you need large-format graphics for wall murals, window displays, or even floor graphics, we can also deliver them to you at an industry-level quality.

With state-of-the-art equipment and the best professionals to use them, we are fully capable of printing high-quality graphics of any size for any type of use. Just tell us your goals, and we’ll print out the high-resolution graphics that you need to entice your customers to try out your business or inform the public about your latest products.

Aside from informing or promoting, large-format graphics can also be used to improve the visual quality of your building. You can use them as attractive window displays to either portray information about your business or just pure images for design. Furthermore, you can also use the aesthetics of your large-format graphics to envelope your walls and floors with informational visuals that can beautify your interior.

Full-Service Sign Company

As a leading printing company, On Display Signs, Inc. provides more than just our top-notch Louisville large format printing. We offer a wide range of services revolving around printing, graphic design, binding, and mailing.

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With our highly skilled resident graphic designers, you can rest assured that the quality of your visuals on the computer will be the same as it’s printed out. We can employ the appropriate separations on your file to match the standard CMYK breakdown of large format printers, ensuring the quality of the enlarged versions of your graphics.

We have the proper industry-grade equipment and materials to secure the durability and quality of your prints. If you need to use your posters or banners outdoors for a long amount of time under scorching heat or rainy weather, we got you covered. Additionally, if you need large format blueprints or architectural design prints, we have what it takes to help you out.

If you choose On Display Signs, Inc. as your Louisville large format printing service provider, you won’t need another company for other ancillary or extra services. We have everything you will ever need to get the graphics and prints of any type you need for your business.

Free Large Format Sign Consultation

Louisville Large Format Printing louisville logo 300x202You can never go wrong with On Display Signs, Inc.’s Louisville large format printing when it comes to boosting your business, advertising, and general aesthetic needs. Rest assured that we will create the best version of your prints, making them as high-impact and highly visible as possible to engage your clients, customers, employees, and business networks effectively.

If you’re interested in our services, just give us a call, and a printing expert will be there to welcome you and help you work on your business. Every concern you have, from the product types available to the costs and schedule, will be gladly answered. On Display Signs, Inc. is your Louisville large format printing service provider, and we can’t wait to work with you!

Call On Display Signs, Inc. today at 502-235-4063 for your Free Consultation with a Louisville Large Format Printing expert!