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Online marketing is undeniably effective in boosting your traffic and average ticket. However, personalizing your marketing tools and sending them directly to your potential customer’s home is still a great way of eliciting an actual response.

On Display Signs, Inc. offers Louisville direct mail services that aim to help all types of businesses expand their customer base and increase their daily engagements. Our graphic designers can give your mail an eye-catching look from the envelope to the actual marketing materials.

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More importantly, we can help you create a direct mailing list that can give you a much higher return on investment. We will make sure that you send your compelling marketing materials to nearby people interested in your products or services.

If you want to improve your business performance through a cost-effective marketing method, launching a direct mail campaign can give you more investment value than publicly addressed ad campaigns.

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Direct Mailing Products

Through a Louisville direct mail campaign, you will reach the homes of your target market and get the chance to turn them into actual customers.

You can choose any marketing material that you want to include in your mail. It can be one tool that will highlight your special offers and unique business traits or a combination of several materials that will showcase all the benefits of doing business with you.

On Display Signs, Inc. can design and print all the marketing materials that you’ll need. We will ensure that they come in high-resolution and long-lasting prints. We’ll also help you condense important business information so your mail will be as compelling as possible.

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Included in the direct mail products you can utilize are the following:

1. Brochures

2. Catalogs

3. Postcards

4. Sales letters

5. Newsletters

6. Political mails

7. Flyers

On Display Signs, Inc. can customize any of the direct mail products that you’ll choose. Your brand will be reinforced in its designs, and we’ll personalize them for your target recipient. For better impact, we can also provide you with colored, oversized envelopes so there’s little to no chance that your recipient won’t notice your mail.

Direct Mail Targeting

Unlike online ads and public signs, direct mail marketing is designed to address specific people that qualify as your potential customers. These people should be interested in the products or services you offer, able to afford them, and live close enough to visit your location.

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With a good mailing list, you will have a higher conversion rate compared to other advertising campaigns. On Display Signs, Inc. can ensure this success through the EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail program. It’s a program initiated by the US Postal Service that helps determine the mail recipients who have a higher chance of responding.

Additionally, EDDM has a lower postal rate, so every start-up and medium-sized business can afford a reliable marketing campaign. If you, however, don’t want to use the program, our direct mail experts can still help you create a solid mailing list based on your existing list of customers and other relevant data.

Full-Service Print Shop

Our Louisville, KY direct mail service can be fully customized to fit your budget, goals, and needs. On Display Signs, Inc. is a one-stop print shop that can provide you with all the promotional materials you’ll need for your mails—all customized to truly highlight your brand.

We have in-house graphic designers who will meticulously work on the overall design of your mail. Our goal is to make your marketing materials as compelling as possible while ensuring that they are easily comprehensible. We can even customize your envelope for a more eye-catching and brand-consistent look.

Also, our services are more than just printing. On Display Signs, Inc. also designs, copies, and binds any printed material that you may need. We cater to both personal and commercial printing projects, as well as small and bulk printing needs.

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The following services are included in our direct mail offering:

1. Folding

2. Inserting

3. Collating

4. Gathering

5. Sealing

6. Labeling

7. ZIP code sorting

8. Standard/bulk mail

9. Delivery to post office

10. Database management

Should you decide to work with us, rest assured that we will provide high-quality printables at a quick turnaround. We’ll pay close attention to every detail and ensure that your marketing investment will be truly worthwhile.

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Louisville Direct Mail LouisvilleSign Logo Main resultIf done expertly, direct mail campaigns can give amazing improvements to your traffic and average sales. Never settle for mediocre marketing materials and poorly created mailing lists.

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