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Louisville Wall Murals


Wall murals are often a mixture of stylish touch and informative scribbles that are ideal for businesses as they attract guests, clients, and passers-by with their dynamic appearance. With your wall as your entire canvas, you can transform your dull walls or enhance a well-designed one into a magical celebration of words, colors, and figures that may reflect your company’s history, vision, mission, and achievements.

Wall Graphic

At On Display Signs, Inc., we design, manufacture, and install the perfect vinyl signs, wall stickers, and graphics in the size, purpose, and placement of your choice. Whatever mural design you have in mind, we are skilled and always ready to realize it into a work of art. Don’t worry if you think you are not creative enough to come up with a design that suits your company because with our staff’s expertise on wall murals, you are assured of an exciting creation that complements well with your business.

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Complete Design Control

Custom Wall Mural

On Display Signs, Inc. creates custom wall murals that reflect your business and brand personality. We also maximize the available space to amplify your business in all corners, ensuring no one will miss a single thing. We only utilize premium-quality, durable vinyl to create striking and appealing wall designs, graphics, and lettering that speak your business and display an overall high-quality mural.

Also, we take pride in endorsing our removable wall murals just in case you feel a sudden change of heart with your design, placement, or whatever concern you have. Take it down anytime and either revert to your previously undamaged wall or find a fresh layout and have it installed anew. Anyway, we have our staff always prepared to assist you during such a decision.

Full-Service Wall Vinyl Company

Lobby Sign

In our company, we handle every project in a systematic manner to ensure that every step is carried out properly for an exceptional result. We value our clients, so we only offer the best of what we have.

Our service starts from an on-site assessment to obtain accurate measurements of your walls to manufacture vinyl printouts perfectly fitting the allotted space. From then, our expert graphic artists will assist you in conceptualizing the design and layout for your wall mural, to the production of materials, all the way to its installation with our professional installers.

As a full-service company, don’t go looking for someone else to provide your extra needs because we guarantee you full coverage of just everything for your wall mural. On Display Signs, Inc. only uses the highest quality of materials for an attractive finish, durable, and long-lasting wall mural thriving alongside your business. In fact, we are proud of our service, which is incomparable with other similar service providers.

Professional Vinyl Mural Installers

custom vinyl muralOn Display Signs, Inc. houses a team of professional vinyl mural installers whose works have been appreciated countless times by previous clients. Vinyl can be self-installed, and while small graphics can cause minor issues, large vinyl sheets take time to install and are susceptible to major issues such as creases, bubbles, and rips, which may ruin the entire set up, ripping you off a good worth of money.

That is why the best option would be to work with our professional installers because they are capable of handling any size and kind of material. With our mural experts’ experience and expertise, your large-sized graphics will be mounted smoothly and beautifully to your walls, giving off a clean, eye-catching, and high-quality appearance.

The advantage of working with professional installers is that you get extra service from them as well. In an instance where our installers meet unforeseen circumstances that might threaten the quality of the finished product during the installment process, we will attend to it right away and replace whatever damage has occurred without charges. You won’t benefit from the said warranty if you decide to install it on your own. So, maximize our offerings because we are totally worth the price!

Free Wall Mural Consultation

Louisville Wall Murals LouisvilleSign Logo Main resultOn Display Signs, Inc. is an established wall mural service provider known in the entire Louisville, Kentucky. We have been true to our words to offer only the best of what we have. From on-site evaluation to vinyl installation, we got you covered with extra services on the side!

We are proud to boast our competent workers to execute and fulfill your wall mural ideas. Our staff is all approachable, so don’t hesitate to give us a ring if a wall mural plan comes to mind. We are confident to make your business appear focused, goal-driven, and professional with our craftsmanship. We look forward to working with you and be your lifetime partner when it comes to signage needs.

Call On Display Signs, Inc. at 502-235-4063 for a Free Consultation with a Louisville Wall Mural Expert!